As the owner of a sauna and steam room company in Dubai, one of the most common questions I receive is what type of sauna heater is best for achieving that perfect dry heat. My top recommendation is always an electric heater.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll explain everything potential sauna owners need to know about electric heaters—from how they work to the health benefits they provide, different types available, installation and use considerations, maintenance, costs, and recommendations for all sorts of spaces.

Let’s start by understanding what exactly electric sauna heaters are and why they make an excellent heating choice over alternatives.

What Are Electric Sauna Heaters?

Electric sauna heaters use insulated heating elements to warm rocks or ceramic stones that then radiate dry infrared heat throughout the sauna continuously. The elements are powered by standard electrical connections with voltage needs ranging widely by heater size and power.

Many electric heaters contain integrated controls allowing owners to easily set precise temperatures and session timer durations. Various sizes accommodate saunas from just a few feet across to over 20 feet depending on models.

Electric heaters provide convenient push button operation without needing to manually feed fuel like their wood burning counterparts. Their dry heat opens pores for thorough sweating while soothing aches and pains across the entire body simultaneously.

Now let’s explore the well documented health advantages quality electric saunas deliver…

Top 5 Health Benefits of Electric Sauna Heaters

Decades of medical research on electric saunas shows proven wellness results over time including:

Regular use reduces risk of cardiovascular disease while alleviating chronic conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia and asthma. The infrared wavelengths penetrate tissues for targeted effects unlike any other therapy.

Now that you know the wellness upsides, let’s breakdown the different types of electric sauna heaters available…

Types of Electric Sauna Heaters

While all high quality electric sauna heaters use similar underlying technology, choice comes down to:

Floor-Mounted Models

Floor mounted heaters often position under benches heating stones on top of the unit that radiate warmth. These moderately sized heaters work well for saunas up to 150 cubic feet fitting 2 to 4 people comfortably.

Wall-Mounted Heaters

Compact wall mounted heaters install directly onto sauna walls. Models with ventilation directly below heating elements help circulate warm air currents rising for quick room heating. Optimal for saunas less than 100 cubic feet for 1 to 2 people.

Oven Design Heaters

These enclosed box style heaters fully surround heating elements and stones capturing warmth to efficiently heat both small and larger commercial saunas. Exterior vents circulate air preventing inside stagnation.

Now that you know the configurations, let’s go over professional installation and use recommendations…

Proper Electric Sauna Heater Installation

Correctly installing your newly purchased electric heater ensures optimum safety and performance including:

Hiring professional trades familiar with sauna construction is wise for seamless quality installations minimizing issues down the road.

Using Your Electric Sauna Safely

To safely enjoy all the benefits of your new electric powered heating system for years to come:

Carefully following precautions as you adjust to your new luxury heated space pays dividends through decades of rewarding wellness experiences.

Electric Sauna Heater Lifetime Costs

Here is what to expect investing in an electric sauna heater:

Consider total lifetime costs not just hardware when planning your budget. Proper construction and electrical prep works helps realize ongoing savings and safety.

Maintenance Best Practices

Perform simple periodic tasks keeping your electric heater running optimally for decades such as:

Following factory maintenance guidance coupled with common sense upkeep lets owners enjoy peace of mind from long lasting durability.

Recommendations for Different Sauna Spaces

Electric heaters accommodate nearly any home sauna space beautifully but here are my specific recommendations on pairings:

Small apartments – Vertical wall mounted units maximize room for seats.

Custom luxury saunas – Floor mounted oven box heaters centralize heating capacity.

Outdoor saunas – Insulated weatherproof box models maintain heat well even in winter.

Basement or garage installs – Powerful floor mounted heaters ensure ample warming spread.

I hope these ideas spur creative visions of how electric could perfectly heat your retreat ambitions!

Frequently Asked Electric Heater Questions

How often should you replace sauna rocks in electric heaters?

Every 2-3 years as regular heating cycles slowly fragment natural stones over time. Leaving longer risks eventually clogging ventilation.

Is it safe to pour water directly on the heating elements?

Never pour directly on elements – always across provided rocks following manual guidance to prevent equipment damage or injury. The steam released as water contacts hot rocks suffices to raise sauna humidity.

Which is better – electric or wood burning sauna heaters?

Electric heaters provide push button convenience while wood burning stoves offer traditional reminiscing. Both create excellent dry cedar warming saunas when properly sized and installed. Choose based on personal relaxation preferences.

Can electric heaters be left on unattended?

Never leave any sauna heating system completely unattended for fire risks. Use integrated timer functions to automatically shut off at safe durations even if you fall asleep but stay home at minimum. Frequent check ins are wise.

I hope this detailed electric sauna heater guide proves valuable knowledge on your journey to customized wellness. Please reach out anytime to discuss perfect heating solutions for your project vision!

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