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Steam Sauna Room Installation

Let Us Be Your Wellness Oasis

Sauna and steam room installation is popular in Dubai and Sharjah due to the hot climate. Many luxury hotels and residential communities feature sauna and steam room facilities for guests to relax and rejuvenate. Our company specializes in designing, supplying, and installing premium saunas and steam rooms using high-quality materials that are durable and energy-efficient. We have a team of experienced technicians who can customize the sauna and steam room based on client specifications.

We source sauna heaters, lighting, benches, ceramic tiles, wooden panelling, glass doors etc. from reputed global brands to ensure flawless performance. With meticulous planning and efficient execution, we have executed over 200 installations across UAE with 100% customer satisfaction. Get in touch with us for a free consultation.

sauna heater

Our sauna heaters use infrared tech to deeply penetrate and detoxify. Custom programming allows tailored healing heat for purification and restoration.

steam generator

Steam Generator

Our steam generators use water vapor to deeply moisturize skin, relax muscles, promote circulation, open airways, and purify for holistic nourishment.

sauna steam annual maintenance

Sauna Steam Maintenane

Regularly maintain sauna and steam room hygiene with ETS’s tailored sanitizing services using EPA-approved cleaners. Clean elements prevent corrosion and ensure components operate safely.

Pre-Built Sauna Room Dubai - UAE

Our prebuilt sauna rooms offer unmatched convenience, combining premium quality with effortless installation for an instant wellness sanctuary.

Cheap sauna steam room installation in dubai

Looking for an affordable sauna and steam room for your home or business in Dubai? We are one of the best Contractor In Dubai and our company offers top-quality design and installation services at surprisingly low rates. We leverage our partnerships with leading sauna equipment suppliers across Europe to source products at wholesale prices.

Additionally, our in-house design team creates customized plans to suit the unique needs of every client. We have the expertise to integrate saunas and steam rooms seamlessly into existing spaces for utmost convenience. With a hassle-free and transparent installation process, we provide full after-sales service to ensure our clients can relax and unwind for years to come. Choose us for cheap yet world-class saunas and steam rooms made accessible to all in Dubai.


The heat and steam help open pores and flush toxins and impurities from the body through increased sweating. This cleanses the skin and clears the body’s systems.

Stress Relief

Sessions in the steamy warmth induce a deeply relaxed state by easing muscle tension and reducing cortisol levels. This alleviates anxiety and mental fatigue.

Cardiovascular Health

Variations in temperature and humidity during use mimics moderate exercise by increasing heart rate and boosting circulation. This supports heart health.

Pain Relief

he warmth and moisture loosen stiff, achy joints and muscles providing natural relief for conditions like arthritis. Steam rooms enhance mobility.

sauna volume calculator

How to Use the Sauna Room Volume Calculator

Our easy-to-use calculator allows you to determine the total cubic volume of your custom sauna room design. Just enter a few dimensions, click calculate, and get the volume result.

To use the sauna calculator:

  1. Measure the inside depth of your sauna room space in millimeters (mm). Enter this value into the depth field. For example, 2500 mm.
  2. Next, measure the inside width from wall to wall in millimeters. Input this width mm value. For example, 3000 mm.
  3. Finally, take a measurement of the height of your sauna interior in millimeters and enter it into the height field. For example 2200 mm.
  4. Verify the depth, width and height values in mm are entered correctly.
  5. Click the “Calculate Volume” button to calculate the total cubic meters (m3) of space.

The calculator will automatically convert your dimensions from mm to meters and compute the cubic meter volume.

The final volume in m3 will display below the calculator. For the above 2500 x 3000 x 2200 mm sauna example, it would show a volume of 1.65 m3.

Use this handy sauna room calculator to find the total cubic meters for any custom sauna plans in just seconds. Please contact us if you have any issues getting the right volume calculation.


Get your sauna steam room installed by our experienced team

When it comes to top-quality sauna and steam room installations, we’re the trusted experts with a 15+ year record of service in the UAE. What sets us apart:

Superior Craftsmanship

Our highly-trained technicians don’t take shortcuts – we use premium European materials to construct therapeutic spaces made to endure decades of enjoyable wellbeing.

Bespoke Customization

We listen first, to understand each client’s personal wellness vision. Then our master planners design spaces as unique as your needs, always finished to perfection.

Effortless Experience

Leave the hard work completely to us! Our project managers communicate every step of the seamless installation while you relax knowing we always make luxury relaxation look easy.

Complete Assurance

Your satisfaction means everything to our family-owned business. That’s why we provide lifetime workmanship guarantees along with 5-star customer care.

Contact us today to learn more about the sauna/steam room specialists trusted by Dubai’s most reputable developers and hotels for two decades strong.

professional sauna and steam room installation companies in dubai

sauna and steam room contractors

When installing saunas or steam rooms, few contractors in Dubai match our blend of European training, premium materials and construction excellence honed over 15 years. Whether modern infrared cocoons, compact wall-mounted units or spacious luxury hamams, our custom designs maximize wellness and relaxation for homes and facilities.

Yet functionality maters most – which is why 100% of our timber, tiles and lighting apply European safety codes and bear CE markings for trusted performance. Factor in anti-bacterial cleaning protocols, responsive customer service through decades of use, and it’s clear why our contract installs draw such referrals year to year.

For the highest quality sauna and steam room projects in Dubai, experience the difference of our contractor service firsthand. Call today to transform your property.


Most frequent questions and answers about sauna stea

The cost to set up a steam room in Dubai can vary between AED 18,000 to AED 35,000 on average. Custom designer steam rooms installed by specialists with premium materials and features can cost upwards of AED 65,000. Key factors impacting overall investment include size, layout, finishing materials selected, steam generator capacity, lighting systems, and additional accessories. Our consultants can provide an exact quote tailored to your specific project requirements after assessing your space. We offer steam room solutions to suit a range of budgets.

Yes, it is absolutely possible to have a combined sauna and steam room installation. Many high-end spas and home relaxation spaces feature adjoining dry and wet heat experiences for the utmost in warmth, cleansing and tranquility. Our specialists design custom layouts allowing seamless movement between the two rooms using a common changing area and shower facilities. We are highly experienced in crafting these dual sanctuaries by selecting complementary heating systems, lighting, finishes and doorways between the sauna and steam rooms tailored to your available space and wellness vision. Enjoy the best of both therapies in one convenient locale.

A high-quality home sauna installed in Dubai typically ranges from AED 25,000 to AED 45,000 on average. Small one to two-person infrared saunas start from AED 18,000. Luxury saunas with premium construction and finishes can cost over AED 70,000. Key drivers of investment include the sauna type, size, materials, heating power, lighting systems, accessories, and customization needs. As the leading installer of residential saunas in the UAE, our design consultants provide tailored pricing specific to your project after visiting your site for accurate assessments of work scope. Financing plans are also available.

Well, both saunas and steam rooms offer therapeutic benefits for one’s health and wellbeing. For purification purposes, saunas are superior in flushing toxins through deeper sweating. Those with congestion may find extra relief in steam room as it provides moist heat to open respiratory airways. Overall, both deliver muscle relaxation, stress relief, and cardiovascular support through elevated body temperatures. During a private consultation, we listen intently to your key wellness goals to make the best recommendation based on personalized needs and space availability. Some even install a custom combination sauna-steam room to enjoy the “best of both worlds”. Let our experts advise the ideal sanctuary solution that aligns with your lifestyle.

Both sauna and steam rooms provide noteworthy health benefits, so the healthiest option comes down to your personal needs and preferences. Saunas use dry heat that penetrates deeply to flush toxins, boost circulation, ease joint pain, and promote muscle recovery after workouts. Steam rooms feature moist heat and humidity ideal for respiratory relief, hydrating skin, loosening tight muscles, and calming the mind. Those prone to congestion may favor steam while athletes may prefer sauna’s deep tissue penetration. For the ultimate experience, many wellness enthusiasts install a custom combo sauna-steam room to enjoy sequential dry and wet heat therapies. Our consultants can advise which option (or dual sanctuary) caters best to your wellness goals after learning more about your priorities.

Moist Heat – The warm humid environment of a steam room is better for respiratory benefits, loosening congestion, and promoting skin hydration and healthy collagen. The moist heat also penetrates joints more effectively.

Lower Temps – Steam rooms typically range from 40-50°C while saunas average 70-100°C. Those who cannot withstand intense heat may find steam rooms more tolerable.

Aromatherapy – Steam rooms allow essential oil infusions into the air for greater relaxation and healing effects.

Overall, steam rooms provide more targeted therapy for breathing issues, skin/complexion goals, arthritis relief, and relaxing amid enchanting fragrances. However, the deeply cleansing sweat achieved in high-temperature saunas also has advantages. Our experts would be happy to advise you on which experience aligns best with your wellness objectives after learning more about your needs.

Yes, it is recommended to use the sauna before the steam room during wellness sessions. Spending 10-15 minutes sweating in the intense dry heat of a sauna first allows you to flush toxins from your pores. Then moving to the steam room, the moist heat can better absorb into the open pores to hydrate the skin, relax muscles, and support healthy respiration. The steam temperature will also feel comfortable after priming your body in the hotter sauna. Just be sure to shower between the two to rinse off sweat before entering the steam room. Allow your body to air dry as well rather than toweling off to maximize moisture absorption. Our experts can guide you on the ideal sequences and duration in our dual sauna-steam room installations.

Generally, installing a premium custom steam room is more expensive than a comparable quality sauna. Some key reasons behind the higher costs include:

  • Steam room generators tend to be pricier than sauna heaters.
  • Steam rooms require extensive waterproofing and floor drains.
  • More complex mechanical humidity controls and air circulation systems.
  • Ongoing water costs for the steam generator.

That said, a small infrared sauna can be cheaper than some basic steam room options. For large-scale luxury installations, a custom steam room with ceramic tiling, glass walls, decorative lighting etc. will likely cost more than all but the most high-end saunas. As Dubai’s top wellness contractors for over 20 years, our designers provide transparent quotes outlining all considerations for steam rooms versus saunas based on the scale and amenities desired. Please inquire for precise project costs.

No, a steam room typically feels cooler than a sauna since it operates at a lower air temperature. An average steam room maintains an ambient climate of 40-50°C compared to the 70-100°C range found in saunas. However, steam rooms do contain warm, moist air that feels quite hot when first entering. The saturated humidity envelops the skin and permeates pores faster, providing a heating sensation that some may perceive as equally intense as a sauna initially. After a few minutes of adjustment, the steam room promotes relaxation at more tolerable temperatures than a sauna session might allow. The cooling sensation of steam may also feel more pleasurable for those utilizing both dry and wet heat therapies in tandem. Ultimately, the experience comes down to personal preference.

Using a steam room every day is generally not recommended. While steam therapy provides numerous benefits for respiratory health, circulation, stress relief, and more, daily usage can end up drying out your skin and hair over time if sessions are too long. It’s best to limit steam room exposure to 3-4 times per week for 15-20 minutes per session. This allows your body to reap the wellness rewards of moist heat without negatively impacting skin or hair health. Be sure to shower after each use as well and moisturize. For those with congestion issues, sinus rinses or saline sprays post-steam can help prolong the relief in between steam room days while avoiding dryness. Moderation is key to maintain balance. Our experts can further advise on ideal steam room usage frequency and maintenance for your needs.

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