Installing a sauna or steam room in your home can be an excellent way to relax, de-stress and enjoy some therapeutic benefits. However, such installations can be quite expensive, especially in Dubai where imported materials and labor drive up costs. The good news is there are some ways to get affordable sauna and steam room installations that don’t compromise on quality.

Cost Factors for Sauna and Steam Room Installations

Some of the main factors that influence the cost of installing a residential sauna or steam room include:

With strategic choices, there are ways to install an affordable sauna or steam room in Dubai.

Tips for Affordable Sauna/Steam Room Installation

Here are some top tips for getting steam room and sauna installations done cheaply in Dubai:

Choose a Smaller Size

Thesized directly correlates with the amount of building materials, complexity for the installer and thus higher cost. Opt for a compact 4×4 feet or so – enough space for 2 people max. This will save thousands of dirhams off a larger custom build.

Use Readily Available Materials

Imported specialty wood panels and custom tile/glass walls are expensive. Using easily sourced basic materials from UAE suppliers cuts procurement costs. For example, basic concrete blocks or plywood with sealants may suffice instead of imported western red cedar planks. Check with local hardware stores for affordable supplies.

Install in Existing Bathroom

If you already have a bathroom that can house a steam room, taking advantage of the existing plumbing and drainage can save significantly on labor and materials. Just the steam generator and waterproofing treatments may be needed on top of your current bathroom system.

Self-Assembly DIY Kits

There are self-install home sauna and steam room kits available that include all the essential parts, similar to IKEA furniture that you assemble yourself. While they may limit customization options, these kits majorly reduce on labor costs. Handy homeowners can assemble such DIY sauna kits in a weekend potentially.

Shared Multi-User Facility

If this steam room or sauna is not for private in-home use only, consider having it be a shared multi-resident facility. This spreads the cost across users (for example in an apartment block) improving affordability if using a shared payment system. Management fees apply though.

Buy Used Materials

Brand new sauna heaters, steam generators, wood panels and even doors/windows can be purchased second-hand at great prices, just like other construction materials. Check online classified ads and building salvage stores for quality used parts to integrate into your new installation.

Professional Installation on a Budget

To ensure proper building standards, safety, permits and functionality of your sauna or steam room, having a professional handle the end-to-end process is best. This doesn’t need to break the bank if you prepare properly and set expectations with your contractor.

Get Multiple Quotes

Meeting on-site with 3 vendors for quotes lets you compare and contrast pricing for the same scope of work. With quotes in hand you can negotiate a bit with the installer you prefer.

Agree Fixed Pricing Upfront

Cost overruns are common in complex construction projects when billed by hourly rate. Protect your budget by locking in a fixed price agreement for the complete agreed scope of work.

Phase the Install

As funds allow, break the project into must-have phases vs nice-to-haves. For example, basic structure and electrical first. Then finishes and accessories when possible later. This also lets you use and enjoy the basics as you save up for the remaining bells and whistles.

Handle Demolition Yourself

If there is any demolition of walls needed to open up space for the installation, offer to do this grunt work yourself to avoid labor fees. Just ensure you communicate structural changes for the installer to account for.

Research Ongoing Maintenance Fees

Understand any maintenance, parts replacement and periodic inspection fees for keeping your steam room or sauna running safely month after month. Factor these ownership costs into your decision making.

By following these tips, having a professional, reliable yet affordable sauna or steam room installed in your Dubai residence is very achievable without breaking the bank!


How much does it cost to install a steam room in Dubai?

Basic small steam room installations in Dubai using readily available materials can be done for 10,000 to 25,000 AED or more installed professionally. Luxury bespoke build outs with imported accessories, complex lighting and custom art can run over 100,000 AED.

How can I get the cheapest steam room?

Opting for the smallest size possible, using locally sourced building supplies instead of imported woods, and having it be a simple square layout all reduce cost. Adding it to existing bathroom space and doing demolition yourself helps too. Finally, self-install DIY kits provide major savings but have more limited offerings.

What is cheaper – a sauna or steam room?

In most cases steam room installations are cheaper than traditional wood-lined saunas. This is thanks to less material and electrical needs. For example, a steam generator instead of large electric heater. Plus steam rooms work fine in basic bathroom tile enclosures many times.

Should I build or buy a prefabricated sauna?

Prefab modular saunas that you assemble on site are an affordable option, though you have less customization ability in terms of layout, size and materials. Built on-site saunas allow fully custom rooms but have much higher labor costs associated depending on complexity.

How much space do I need for a sauna or steam room?

A comfortable home sauna or steam room for 1-4 people at a time requires at least 35 – 65 square feet / 4 – 6 square meters. Ceiling height should be no less than 6.5 feet / 2 meters. Smaller is possible but will feel cramped. Design the layout and benches to match your usage.


Installing an affordable yet high quality sauna, steam room or both is very doable in Dubai homes with the right approach and contractor. Seeking multiple professional installation quotes for your project using the cost saving tips covered here will help identify available options in your target budget. With some flexibility on room size and customization, enjoying daily home sauna/steam room benefits can be a reality without enduring premium price tags thanks to abundant regional construction resources. Reach out to schedulle an assessment and estimate for your affordable relaxation oasis today!

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